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Investing With the Griffin Group

When you entrust your investment resources to Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. we strive to set your expectations, guide you through the foreclosure market, and increase your portfolio of holdings. We accomplish these milestones through the vision of our experience, the strength of our data consolidation technology, and the expertise and contact network of our biding staff.

While Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. is a turn key service company and can manage your investment with minimal input at your request, many investors prefer to take a more hands on approach. This is where our guidance can help you get the most out of our technology, bidding staff, and property management department. Our veteran software developers can create custom reports, data collection applications, and just about any custom logic you can think of. Our production staff can give you access to the many resources available to you and give you advice on how to manage your purchases. Our property management staff can walk you though the eviction process or background checks of tenants. All in an effort to ensure that you are in control of your investment.

Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. has developed a real-time auction platform that aggregates auction data from many sources including both government and private company data. These properties are processed by automated applications that then pass the data to a BPO agent that the pulls real estate comps on each property. Then the agent scrutinizes each deal compiling a short list each day of all the best deals for you to review. You can access the full list at anytime of course.

Once you have selected your ideal target properties, the bidding process is extremely user friendly, so much so that you can bid from anywhere in the world over the internet, or come down to the auction site and take a seat in our investor room, which shares a building with the auction.

Long Term Investments

During a down turned real estate market holding properties for an extended term makes a lot of sense.

Investors can purchase homes for deep discounts make minor improvements and then rent them out for a profit. Then as the market turns upbeat that same property can be sold and the investor can take advantage of the real estate appreciation. This is a great passive income strategy when partnering with Group Holdings, L.L.C. as we can acquire the properties through Trustee Sales initially and then manage the property for you until you are ready to sell it for a profit. We can also help you take advantage of the 1031 reinvestment tax breaks if you want to sell off one property that has already appreciated to acquire multiple properties that come to auction.

Short Term Investments

Investors looking to pursue more aggressive returns on their investment can choose to partner with Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. in our Short term Foreclosure Investments.

This program has a higher risk factor, but can return profits much sooner. Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. will help you:
  • Acquire the deed to your property quickly
  • List and sell the property with the realtor of your choice, or one of our real estate professionals
  • Continue to be a part of the largest team of represented investors at the trustee sale
  • Select the highest return properties available
  • Forecast large upcoming auction days so you can prepare funding
  • Manage your purchases so you get your top choice properties more often


Over the last two years Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. has been the #1 Trustee Sale purchase representative in Nevada. The auction itself is extremely fast paced, and demands laser focus on the behalf of our auction bidding staff on the ground. Our production support team makes sure that all of the needs of the auction bidder are met before and during the auction. While the auction is in progress there are no scheduled breaks so our staff must be present every minute the auction is being run.

This dedication on our part insures that you are always represented as potential properties you wish to purchase that day come to the auction block. As we win properties on your behalf, Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. can manage, improve, and even relist your real estate efficiently through our network of resources. For obvious reasons we want each of your transactions with Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. to be as smooth and profitable as possible.
       Investors looking for a new fiscal

channel know that partnering with

Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. will

allow them to leverage our powerful

technology and strategic market

foresight in the ever changing real

estate marketplace allowing their

investments to adapt with the

shifting landscape.

This combination of strength and

vision is why savvy investors partner

with Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C.

to diversify their portfolio by


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