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Johnathan Griffin, Founder

       Griffin Group Holdings, L.L.C. was founded in September of 2007 by Jonathan Griffin. Jonathan was a genuine, innovative entrepreneur who had a passion for real estate and the trustee sales process.

Jonathan originally began conventional real estate at the age of 18 with Prudential Americana. He was quick to realize that performing within the confines of conventional real estate was limiting his potential. He transferred over to Merit Realty and began working his way up the foreclosure chain. Within six months Jonathan became Merit Realty's top foreclosure agent by actively pursuing perspective clients and leveraging his own brand of closing techniques.

Jonathan knew that he had surrounded himself with a team of gifted individuals and decided to launch custom designed data retrieval software for the foreclosure market. The new technology began to take the trustee sales auction by storm and quickly became the top foreclosure bidder in Las Vegas.

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